GPVillage Sample Site
This site is a demostration of how easy it is
to build a dynamic content-rich site using GPVillage

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Sample Site

The purpose of this site is to demonstrate how easy it is to use GPVillage. You do not need to know anything about html or creating web sites to use GPVillage. If you have ever used a word processor or sent an email you have the basic skills required to create a content rich site in GPVillage. If you would like to create a site, click here

New GPVillage sites are preconfigured with Calendar, Photo Album, Document, and Links pages designed to make it very easy to perform specific tasks. Links to these pages display in the Navigation Pane, the blue boxes on the left side of every page. Any of these pages can be turned off.

You can also add your own pages to GPVillage. Pages are arranged hierarchically with the Navigation Pane being the top of the hierarchy. You add pages to the Navigation Pane by clicking create a new page on the home page admin center. Once you have created a page you can create new pages that are linked off of it. From the page you want to link off of, just click the link a new page to this page link in the admin center. GPVillage takes care of creating the link when the new page is saved. side links page and simple links page in the Navigation Pane are examples of pages that were created off the home page. Both have pages linked off of them.