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Once again, I am asking for all parents, babysitters, grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors... anyone that picks up in the afternoon to PLEASE pull their car all the way forward in the front circle, Turco Terrace. The gaps that are left prevent others from getting in the circle and leave them on the street. If you have someone picking up your child, please share this procedure with them. I have asked a few parents to remind anyone not pulled forward to do so if I am not out there in time. It is also very important that you wait in the circle until your row is let out. Don't back up and try to cut through the middle of the circle. Families are using the middle of the circle, Turco Terrace, to walk to cars. If you park in Turco Terrace, please load into your car and be ready to go as soon as your child comes out. If you would like to talk to teachers or neighbors we ask that you park in the lot as not to hold everyone else up.

The PARCC test will only take place in May this year. Grades 3, 4 and 5 will take 3 sessions of ELA and 4 sessions of Math. Fifth graders also take two days of the Science MCAS. Please be sure your child is in school on their testing dates. Keeping the schedule and routine is crucial for the students. Makeup testing is not exactly as they practice so can seem different to the students.
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The teachers are getting the students ready and know we will be able to knock it out of the ‘PARCC' again this year!



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