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The Haunted Hallways was a huge success!!
I want to thank Stacy Larkin and Carly Capozzi/Jean O'Flaherty for leading the teams of volunteers for both sides of the school. It was better than anyone could have anticipated. The parents that volunteered as well as planned the event worked very hard to produce a star quality night.
Thank you to each and everyone for helping and for coming.
The Flaherty community is a special one!

Our PTO dates for the meetings are as follows, all meetings will start at at 7:00 P.M. Wednesday-November 12, Tuesday-December 9, Monday-January 26th, Thursday-March 12th, Wednesday-April 8th, Tuesday-May 19th

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Our photos from the International Walk to School day are in the Braintree Forum this week. Here is the link to see the photos online and in color. It was a great event! The children, parents and teachers all had a great time. We will definitely be joining the International Walk again on the day in the spring.
Thanks for all of your help in making this day a special memory!

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The weather this week is not looking promising for a dry morning so we are rescheduling the Bags 2 School drop off. It WILL NOT be on October 23, we have requested OCTOBER 28 but haven't had that date confirmed.
Please hold on to your stuff for another week and plan on 'cleaning house' next weekend. Look for an email with the confirmation of Oct. 28

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