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Summer is here! What is the best way to motivate your kids and family with a Goal to get fit, get moving, and involve!!!!!

Signup for Flaherty School 13th Annual Road race/walk today, and get the whole family motivated to get outside and work toward the same goal: Complete Flaherty school road race challenge!

NEW : 1 Mile Kids race for kids 10 or under

Let's do this together! Start Walking, Jogging, and Running …

Online Registration:

Justine Huang, Flaherty

Please send email to for Signup as volunteers, attend our monthly road race meeting, and receive communication on our road race status.

Kindergarten: Franklin Park Zoo - May 11, 2016
Grade 1: Aquarium - June 2, 2016
Grade 2: Legoland - May 11, 2016
Grade 3: Plimouth Plantation - June 15, 2016
Grade 4: Science Museum - June 16, 2016
Grade 5: Freedom Trail - June 10, 2016.

Summer is quickly approaching and that means it is time to sign up for summer watering of our Flaherty Garden! For those new to the school, it is up to the parents and students to keep the garden watered and weeded over the summer months and through September. We ask the families who are interested sign up for 2-3 days in a row to help out. We have set up an online watering calendar to organize everyone's dates - please sign up by June 20th for the dates you want. I will send out an email to everyone signed up with instructions after the 20th.

After the last day of school it is up to us! This is a great opportunity for your children to see the garden's progress over the summer.
Please email me with any questions at

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